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If there was a goosebump-inducing album released this year, then it's this one. Since this recording Louise Chisson has become the most exciting violinist in recent memory. Buoyed by her winning personality, an inimitable tone and a heavy dose of sex appeal, she plays three of the most beautiful sonatas of the 20th century with her fabulous partner Tamara Atschba. A genuine highlight!



The Best Classical Music Albums of 2013

"An exquisite piano playing"
Vladimir Ashkenazy


"Tamara Atschba is delightful with a tender but bery precise touch and an admirable dexterity"

                                                                                The Listener

"Dora Schwarzberg plays with Tamara Atschba. Together they perform all over Europe. And so is this evening placed under the sign of friendship, generosity and virtuosity"
La Dépêche, Toulouse

"Such a wonderful and powerful sound"
Zubin Metha

"An exceptional pianist"
Günter Pichler

"The Georgian concert pianist and chamber musician Tamara Atschba was exceptionally attentive and sensitive. It was noticeable how she adjusted herself even to the breathing of her partners. Such playing created trust and influenced the success of the concert. The public held their breath and the standing ovations were greatly deserved"

"The excellent Tamara Atschba was at the piano an inspiring partner. Through their great understanding of the classical repertory, the two artists performed the Beethoven Sonata for piano and violin in D Major with beautiful balance and accord"
Botte von der Ybbs

"With her remarkable piano playing, Tamara Atschba has built a bridge of new sound images between Beethoven’s lyricism and drama"
Vecernji List

"Tamara Atschba was acclaimed for her beautiful sound and remarkable musicality"
Fuji News

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